Must Have Shot List for Your Photographer

Whether you're still searching for the perfect shutterbug to capture your special day, or you've already booked the photographer of your dreams, there are still a few more things to consider to make sure they have all the tools they need to make sure your pictures are treasured for years to come!

Many photographers will send you a form to fill out, and some will even include questions to help ensure they get every shot you want on your special day, but just in case, we've compiled a sort of "brainstorming" list for you to use as a tool when you make a list of pictures for your photographer. 

Whether you're looking for staged shots, or an emphasis on candids, there are simply some pairings you will be very disappointed to miss! Take it from someone who does not have a picture of herself alone with her mother on her wedding day!! Learn from my mistakes, and don't take anything for granted. Your photographer will absolutely not be insulted if you provide them with too much information. They will be grateful-- we promise! 

This list should go to your photographer, and your planner as well, so that they can work as a team to make sure every moment is captured to perfection!

You will, of course, want to make tweaks to this list to fit your event, family and friends, but it's a great jumping off point for you to get started!

Pre- Ceremony

Things to consider: Will the couple be seeing each other before the ceremony (in a "first look")? If not, don't think that you can't get some shots accomplished anyway! Get everything you can except the couple shots! It takes a lot of the pressure off of the need to get everything done during the cocktail hour!

_ Bride Getting Ready (hair, makeup, garter, etc)   

_ Mom helping bride with dress/veil  

_ Hanging Dress Photo                                    

_ Handing out Bridesmaids Gifts

_ Bridesmaids Getting Ready                            

_ Prayer With Bride and Bridesmaids

_ Bridesmaid Group Shots

_ Each Bridesmaid with Bride   

_ Each Bridesmaid Alone (with and w/o bouquet)                                                           

_ Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (group)   

_ All Bridesmaids with Bride

_ Bride with Maid Of Honor and Best Man   

_ Groom and Bridesmaids (group)                   

_ Groom With Maid Of Honor and Best Man

_ Groomsmen Getting Ready                           

_ Putting on Boutonnieres

_ Groomsmen Group Shots

_ Each Groomsman Alone   

_ Each Groomsman with Groom

_ All Groomsmen with Groom        

_ Bride and Groomsmen (group)                     

_ Bride and Mom   

_ First Look with Dad                                       

_ Bride and Dad                                                 

_ Bride With Mom and Dad                              

_ Bride with Both side of Parents               

_ Groom with Bride’s Parents                            

_ Bride with Groom’s Mom   

_ Groom with both side of Parents                   

_ Groom with his Mom

_ Rings

_ Invitation/Stationery Suite                     

_ Ceremony Space (before guests)                 

_ Establishment Shots of Reception Room     

_ Establishment Shots of Cocktail Room

_ Empty Room shots                                        

_ Centerpieces

_ Table Settings   




_ Guests Arriving

_ Altar (Arch)

_ Grandparents Being Seated

_ Ushers seating Guests

_ Groom’s and Brides Mother Being Seated

_ Pastor entering in

_Groom entering in                                                

_ Bride before walking down the Aisle

_ Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Entering                 

_ Flower Girls

_ Ring Bearer                                                           

_ Bride And Dad

_ Groom's reaction to Bride as she walks             

_ Bride while walking

_ Dad giving away Bride                                         

_ Exchanging of Rings

_ Officiant’s Pronouncement                                 

_ First Kiss

_ Readers                                                               

_ Recessional


Post- Ceremony (Cocktail Hour)

If you have two photographers, one photographer will stay with the wedding party to begin those posed pictures, and one will follow guests as the enter cocktail hour to get a few shots of that room, the guests, and the food. Then the second photographer can join the wedding party if you need additional coverage to get those shots done within the hour. 

_ Guests Entering Cocktail Reception             

_ Guests Signing Guest Book                                     

_ Escort Card Display                                       

_ Appetizers

_ Guest Candids                                               

_ Bar/ Signature Cocktails              

_ Bride and Groom with Bride’s Parents             

_ Bride and Groom with Groom’s Parents

_ Bride and Groom with all Parents                   

_ Bride and Groom with Bride’s Grandparents    

_ Bride and Groom with Ryan’s Grandparents    

_ Bride and Groom and All Family

_ Bride and Groom with Bridesmaids                 

_ Bride and Groom with Groomsmen

_ Bride and Groom with Each Bridesmaid         

_ Bride and Groom with Each Groomsman

_ Entire Wedding Party (w/and w/o Ring Bearer and Flower Girl)   

_ Rose with Flower Girls                                       

_ Groom with Flower Girl

_ Bride and Groom with Flower Girl                     

_ Groom with Ring Bearer

_ Bride with Ring Bearer  

_ Bride and Groom with Ring Bearer    

Entrance/ Dances


Again, the two photographers may split here, with one going into the main reception room for some additional establishment shots (if we need/want more), and one will remain in the cocktail hour room where the entrance and first dances will happen.


_ Sweetheart Table

_ Wedding Party Entrance                                       

_ Bride and Groom Entrance

_ Groom & Mother Dance                                         

_ Father & Bride Dance

_ Bride and Groom First Dance       




_ Guests finding their seats _ Escort Cards on Tables

_ Food Stations _ Candids of Guests during Dinner

_ Best Man Toast _Maid of Honor Toast

_ Bride and Groom during toasts                              

_Bride and Groom at Sweetheart Table

_Moments of Bride and Groom interacting with guests  

_ Parents’ Tables _ Dancing (will be back in Cocktail Room)

_ Cake Table _  Cake Cutting

_ Bride and Groom Exit