Wedding Trends: What's In, What's Out, and How to Create a Timeless Event

Trendspotting is an art; but don't let it intimidate you!

We know what you're thinking:

 "If I got engaged in 2017, and I'm planning a 2018 or 2019 wedding, how can I know what will be the right "trends" to incorporate into my planning?"

Here's where we get to make the distinction between "trends" and "fads." We know that most couples want to achieve both a timely and timeless day. We closely follow the trends in home design and fashion, which are pretty reliable predictors of upcoming wedding trends. Every good trend is rooted in a classic- revised in a way that is reenergized and fits the way we live now. 

Here are a few trends that we are excited about incorporating into our wedding & event designs this year: 





1. Geodes

You will see these everywhere. Lighting fixtures, jewelry design, tables, candlesticks, coasters, invitation suites and more, they can be used in large or very small doses. They are both practical and beautiful, and are a truly elevated and sophisticated organic element that come in every color of the rainbow.









2. Carrera Marble

The hottest trend in kitchen and bathroom countertops in million dollar homes is actually a classic. Like the geodes, their polished, clean, organic lines are just the right amount of personality to go with high tech living. Bonus: it looks amazing with all of the metallics (gold, silver, or even rose gold!), which is so cool. 







3. Geometric Lines

Clean lines- it started with the terrariums and it just keeps coming... another opportunity to just create that cool juxtaposition of modern, hard edges and softer elements like flowers, candles and fabric.





Bonus! Working with a planner sometimes gives you the opportunity to utilize a discount afforded to planners, like the program we're a part of with  Minted!  

Bonus! Working with a planner sometimes gives you the opportunity to utilize a discount afforded to planners, like the program we're a part of with Minted! 

4. Affordable, gorgeous, invitation suites online... and sealing wax!

First things first: we love paper, and all of the incredible options for invitation suites out there! Let's face it though, calligraphers, stationery suites, and even postage, are huge expenses, and they're time consuming, but e-vites are just not an option (trust us- it usually ends up making things even more complicated!). The limitless options of paper stock, ink colors, patterns and printing styles are every bit as gorgeous as your special day deserves!







5. Desserts

Donut walls, build your own sundaes, s'more bars, retro candy stations... there is no limit to the sweet confections couples are adding to their events to infuse some extra personality and keep their guests full well into the night! A gorgeous cake is a picture-worthy moment for sure, but consider opting for a smaller cake and bringing in something a little bit different to really tempt your guests' palettes! 








Proceed With Caution: Trends That Can Go Too Far

In 2018, we are inundated with images of incredible, over-the-top weddings that most of us could only dream of. There's a seemingly unlimited budget, and everything is done to the extreme. While they make for some gorgeous pictures, we caution you against blowing your budget trying to recreate these moments. We'll let you in on a little secret: many of those images that you see are from styled photoshoots, where budget, practicality, and functionality were not factors. Much like a fashion designer's runway looks are not often intended to be "ready-to-wear," these shoots are simply designed by talented vendors who want to show off their incredible skills and inspire you!






1. Flower Overload

The pictures are everywhere and there is no denying the artistry and beauty of it all: flowers dripping down from the ceiling, lining every wall, and dangling from every fixture. This trend has closely followed (and overlapped with) the overstuffed flower runner trend. We love flowers. When done in the right way, they can really bring an entire room to life, but please remember to let the space breathe a little bit... and don't forget, people do expect to eat on those tables, so be sure to leave room for the food! 











2. Boho Lounge Areas

Another trend which photographs so cool and really feels like the very definition of "boho chic" are special seating areas adorned with pillows, tufts, poufs, blankets and the like... instead of tables and chairs. Nope. Again, every guest at your wedding deserves and expects a chair to sit in and a flat surface to balance their food and drink. There's a reason why there are rarely people in the pictures you see of these types of setups online... they left the wedding because they fell off of their tuffet








Trends We're Ready to Say "Goodbye" to in 2018

Just like big hair in the 80s, some trends are fantastic in the moment, but looking back, we can't say we're too sad to see them go! We always like to tell our couples that if you've seen it on Pinterest a dozen times, guess what? That means it's already been done! With so many places to pull inspiration from these days, we never discourage our couples from gathering inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and wedding magazines, but you never want to copy something exactly. Your guests should walk into your wedding and know exactly who they're celebrating. Your wedding should say something about you, so be sure to put your spin on it!


1. Cowboy Boots and Converse Sneakers

If you don't wear cowboy boots on even a semi-regular basis, they can actually be just as punishing on your feet as a towering stiletto heel! If comfort is your goal, there are so many flats to choose from. We can't deny that it's cute, but we're ready to see what's next on the horizon in terms of fun, casual footwear. Everyone has seen the picture of the wedding party jumping in the air in their cowboy boots or sneakers... let your photographer come up with something fresh for you! 

PS: We will fully make an exception for those who actually wear cowboy boots in their daily lives, or those who are all-in with a barn/rustic theme... but if the shoe doesn't fit.... :) 





2. Baby's Breath, Mason Jars and Burlap... Oh My!

Again, it had it's moment, but the moment has come and gone. There are so many fresh and innovative ways to create a beautiful, minimalistic, rustic look. Trust us, your florist will love you for allowing them to help you reinvent this trend... and your guests will be impressed by your uniqueness! Part of the fun of planning a wedding is making it your own, and if this is the style that appeals to you, let yourself set the new wave of rustic decor trends. Ask us... we're dying to help!